About Us

Akiro Luxury Studio is a certified partner of the world's largest webcam service. Based on numerous inspections, the service recommends working with us and guarantees the quality of a professional work environment.

1. Working as a webcam model means communicating with foreign clients on a webcam via video chat. Your salary depends on sociability, attractiveness, knowledge of English and listening skills.

2. Our studio guarantees complete confidentiality of personal information in the performance of our advice. Virtual communication with the interlocutor one on one, and this allows you to maintain 100% anonymity. At your request, we block users of certain cities and countries.

3. Time is the most valuable resource. If we can organize the work process at the most convenient time for us, which we can fully devote ourselves to work and increase its effectiveness, then it becomes possible to devote the remaining hours to rest, family, education or creative self-realization. One way or another, our life will be brighter and richer from this and will lose a number of stressful situations when the daily race threatens to absorb all the time of our lives.

4. Working as a webcam model may become for you as additional income, and the main source of income. You will be able to independently plan your schedule and work at any time of the day. The most convenient schedule that will allow you to work without much stress. Convenient - especially for you! Your earnings directly depend on how much time you devote to work. You can combine shifts, alternating them in the schedule, choosing the most comfortable time for you. Schedules are made weekly and you can always make changes.

5. We care about our models and help them create all conditions for comfortable work and high earnings. Studio models are provided with modern equipment to work to pleasehigh-quality image of clients: high-definition HD cameras, powerful computers, professional lighting, convenient and easy-to-use software, high-speed Internet access.

6. We take full care of the technical equipment. A high-quality picture is one of the most important conditions for high-quality and comfortable work for both models and customers. We provide modern equipment to our models: HD cameras permissions, professional lighting and computer equipment and high-speed Internet. In addition, in our arsenal there is convenient software, including our own development of our studio, which is aimed at facilitating the work of the model and automating the work.


You look for a job to fulfill your dreams and to be able to be financially independent, and you would like to be a video-chat employees? The important thing is to not to choose any video-chat studio, but a workplace where each employee is valued for he's your qualities.

We respect the employee

In a respectable company, employees do not work more than 8 hours a day. If you join our team, this is the standard program you will take: 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. The video-chat program is very flexible: There is also the possibility, for models, to aggregate the hours of work according to personal needs.


If you want to achieve industry performance, you need to connect and perform a program to keep yourself on, and this way you get the results you want.

Your time matters

No one concurences if you take your free time, or if you don't feel energy-free to work. In fact, video chatting is the most permissive domain and you make it for you alone. It is all up to you, which is why the models of video chatting are their own bosses and often are called business women.


Here are the advantages you can enjoy by working as a model of video chatting within AKIRO LUXURY STUDIO

Minimum guaranteed monthly income of $2000

this is possible due to the training you will take part in the studio every day. The main conditions for acquiring this minimum income are:

  • Respect work hours and be online for at least 90 hours during that period (2 weeks of hard work);
  • You must have minimum knowledge of English;
  • Be responsive and open to all support team suggestions and recommendations, available 24/7.

*Of course your income can double or even triple from the first month and then increase considerably.

Cumulative fee

a very well-developed and highly motivated bonus system. So, for the beginning, any model of video chatting at the AKIRO LUXURY STUDIO, female or male, will receive a standard fee of 50%. In addition, the models will be bonus as follows:

  • 5 % if the total income of that model is more than $10.000 in both periods, aggregated;
  • 5% if the model reaches the threshold of 100 hours online during that period;
  • 5% if working in the AKIRO LUXURY STUDIO studio for 6 months without interruption;

*These bonuses are only granted in the month or period during which the model has met the above conditions The maximum Commission that a model can achieve is 65%.

Guaranteed benefits

because you chose to work with us, we reward you with a lot of facilities and awards:

  • Accommodation and related utilities paid by the studio;
  • Preferential conditions (discounts, gratuities, payment in installments) for beauty services you always need: Esthetic lounges, dental practice, fitness halls, tan studio, etc.
  • The possibility of buying a house by installments at the developer or bank credit;
  • The possibility of purchasing a car by leasing;
  • Professional photo sessions;
  • Clothes, professional make-up, hairstyle, etc.
  • Presence at mondee events under preferential conditions: Exclusive parties, VIP pits at the biggest festivals, etc.

*For the top AKIRO LUXURY STUDIO models, we offer FREE surgery of CHARGE to choose: Breast implant operation, rhinopasty, blepharoplasty, aquafill at the fessy or any similar operation, as price. The conditions you must meet are as follows: Your monthly earnings must exceed $10.000 for 6 months without interruption.

Fabulous earnings and a career of online influencers




Your opinion is very important to us. We encourage you to contact us if you have any doubt. Customer relations Department is always ready to help you with any kind of information you need.